I teach art and Spanish at my local Montessori school and am actively preparing for several scenarios in the uncertainty of the upcoming school year. 

I have been making my own fashion and home accessories using a variety of methods and materials for years and I'm all about sharing my process. 

I'm currently working with lace doilies in the construction of new garments.  I comb consignment stores for doiles, dye them, use them as stencils on white tees and then, when dry, assemble them into skirts, shrugs and ponchos.​  Super fun and completely form fitted! 

I am a founding member of the National Organization of Women Artists, SC chapter.

I have a small collection of jewels at Maye River Gallery in Bluffton, SC.  

I create for causes and love fulfiling custom orders as time permits. 

I'm always eager to share my discoveries and passion with young artists.  

Providing we can do it safely in these COVID times, I will be running afternoon and weekend creative retreats for children out of my cottage on the Okatie River.​ 

The scenery is heaven on earth and the creative possibilities are endless. 

Through creative flow we celebrate individuality, lift the spirit and engage pathways for change. 

I'll keep you posted with future offerings.

Please read on to learn more about my work!

i P h o n e    P h o t o g r a p h y

South Carolina's lowcountry is a uniquely magnificent place.  Its vast tidal marsh, access to large waterways, and big, humid-sky vistas lift the spirit and soothe the soul in a way that's practically indescribable.  

Most days, I bike over 10 miles around what seems like the edge of the earth with myriad birds in flight and hammock islands in the furthest reaches. 

The therapeutic power of life on the water is considerable!

I shoot and edit with my iPhone, post most of my photos on instagram @DogwoodStudiosOldfield and hope my vision improves your feeling state  as well. 

F i n e   J e w e l r y

I am obsessed with fancy gemstone beads and if I see an interesting cut, color or facet, I'm going to feel the need to wrap it in fine gold wire. 

I source most of my 18k gold and diamond beads from India. 

My one-of-a-kinds are delicate conversation pieces. 

I do private jewelry commissions and show a small collection at Maye River Gallery in Bluffton, SC.

P a i n t i n g   &   F a s h i o n a b l e   F i b e r   A r t s

I have loved knitting, crocheting and sewing for many years and find I'm happiest when my week is filled with at least some form of tooling needle and thread.  I have run knitting groups of all ages for years.  We all crave stitching's mindful, rhythmic and soothing qualities.

I'm currently repurposing masterful lace doilies as stencils/stamps on linen, cotton and silk.  I'm then using these doilies as puzzle pieces in the construction of tee shirts and gorgeous Boho vintage garments that are feminine, chic and unique. 

The art of fashion is captivating!

C r e a t i v e   R e t r e a t s 

I have been working with kids and adults in educational and therapeutic fields for 30 years.  I have been grateful for, and humbled by, my ability to truly make a difference in their lives. 

I especially delight in working with children because of their open hearts and love of art.  Through empathy, conversation and exploration, I work to keep their creative spirit feeling safe and very much alive as we engage in activities in a supportive and wholly beautiful environment. 

I am currently putting together a program where I will conduct creative retreats for children out of Dogwood Studios in Okatie, SC. 

The gallery space that is my home is located inside the gates of an Audubon Sustainable Community, a sanctuary I am compelled and honored to share. 

COVID-permitting and DHEC standards in mind, I will conduct 2-3 hour individual and small group retreats on the screened porch, in the backyard, inside my studio classroom, or at the edge of the river.  

We will complete a single project in each session using all kinds of wonderful materials and techniques.  Super fun!

Stay tuned for more information as I build my program, classroom and website!  

O n   a   P e r s o n a l   N o t e

Grateful to be 16 years cancer-free, I vowed to myself post-diagnosis that regardless of how hard I worked, I would always do my best to prioritize my health.  This way, I would come from a place of surviving and thriving when working with the children I love to serve. 

Two of the best ways I know how to take care of myself is to be outside in nature and in my studio, letting my creative and spiritual energies flow. 

One of the best ways I know how to help others is by providing the safe space for them to be true to their creative selves.  By cultivating a strong creative practice, where we honor our own unique flow without comparison to others, paves the path to improved health and happiness. 

Especially great prevention in these COVID times.  

I have been creating for fundraisers since 2004.   

A portion of any proceeds is donated to SAGE Patient Advocates and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  

Connect with me on instagram @dogwoodstudiosoldfield


"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river of joy within you"

- Rumi


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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time

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