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I have been making my own fashion and home accessories using a variety of methods and materials for over 40 years.  My current fiber pursuits include garment construction with hand-painted vintage lace doilies and abstract painting on 5 mm Habotai Silk veils.

My favorite place to paint silk is on the Jasmine ground cover in my backyard.  I work on either wet or dry silk over 3 - 6 days and give the fabric time to fully dry between paint layers.  I use several additional fabric pieces and garments as drop cloths and brush-cleaning "rags," creating cotton masks, onesies and tee shirts in the process.  I love that this highly productive endeavor wastes virtually no paint and delight in seeing how each turns out!    

I'm fortunate when I can take time for my own art because my main passion and full focus is in teaching process art.  I work with children ages 3 - 13 at May River Montessori in Bluffton, SC and I conduct creative retreats at my home studio on the Okatie River. 

I absolutely love what I do and am impressed every day I teach not only by how much children tap into the therapeutic value of art but also how much they crave a consistent and frequent creative practice.

I am a founding member of the National Association of Women Artists, SC chapter and show a small collection of fiber and jewels at Maye River Gallery in Bluffton, SC. 

I create for causes, am an active member of the Fiber Artists of Beaufort, and am honored to fill custom orders as time permits. 

Please get in touch with me if you are interested in creative retreats at my home studio.  COVID-conscious, I'm booking now for weekends and school holidays! 

I dive into the following as time permits...

i P h o n e    P h o t o g r a p h y

The vast tidal marsh, access to large waterways, and big, humid-sky vistas of South Carolina's lowcountry lifts the spirit and soothes the soul in a way that's practically indescribable.  I capture soul-stirring moments with my iPhone as much as possible and share them on Instagram.

F i n e   J e w e l r y

If I see fancy gemstone beads with an interesting cut, color or facet, I'm likely going to feel the need to wrap them in fine gold wire. 

I source most of my 18k gold and diamond beads from India. 

My one-of-a-kinds are delicate conversation pieces. 

I also work with local oyster shells and American-made leather.

I do private jewelry commissions and show a small collection of fine jewelry at Maye River Gallery in Bluffton, SC.

P a i n t i n g   &   F a s h i o n a b l e   F i b e r   A r t s

I have loved knitting, crocheting and sewing since I can remember.  There's something very special about the hand-made hug of a carefully tooled garment - especially those that are custom created for the wearer. I have run knitting groups of all ages for years and there is no doubt that stitching's rhythmic quality provides for excellent stress-reduction.  Painting fiber is a different kind of sensation but you also get lost in your own rhythm which is what it's all about!  I like for my fiber arts to be fashionable as well as utilitarian and find the art of fashion to be challenging and captivating!

C r e a t i v e   R e t r e a t s 

I have been working with children and adults in educational, creative and therapeutic fields for over 35 years.  Through empathy, differentiation, conversation and exploration, I work to keep artists feeling connected to their creative process and safe to explore new frontiers. 

O n   a   P e r s o n a l   N o t e

Beyond grateful to be 16 years cancer-free after a humbling and victorious battle, I can't describe the importance of fiber arts in my healing and post-surgical recovery.  I would encourage a steady creative practice for everyone who is open to it.  It's a great place to explore acceptance, dive into self-love, and embrace others.

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"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river of joy within you"

- Rumi


Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time

Late Morning Reflections

Thomas Merton

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